Desert Camera

We are producing a documentary that is approximately 90 minutes long over a legendary rally to Dakar. It is no boring motorsport report but rather a movie that displays the culture of the people and the experiences from the desert. Filmed in the middle of nowhere, from us photographers on motorcycles.

We are about to produced my first adventure movie.

For that, we need your help!

  • Through the pre-sale of the movie it will be possible for us to report on our adventures independently and authenticaly.
  • With your support it helps us to spread the stories from people in isolated places.
  • The packages are a journey through our photographic work, bring the Sahara home with you!

The packages

For all those who support us financially, we have put together a special package. We would like to deliver all packages by December 2017, in time for Christmas and before the next Africa Eco Race. The main language of the movie is English, the spoken language can be selected however in German as well and subtitles are available in German, French, and Italian.

Do you have a special wish? Feel free to write us, and we will find a solution.


The Movie

The Sahara is the greatest desert on earth. Inhuman conditons, endless sand dunes, and vast plains all belong to her, as does the legendary route from France to Dakar. This bustling city in Senegal has been the finish line of rally drivers for more than 35 years.

Armed with their cameras, photographers Alessio Corradini, Sandra Biegun and Bastian Brüsecke follow the "Africa Eco Race 2017". With dedication and unswerving passion, they race out to capture the best photos.

These are the perfect ingredients for the new film by Bastan Brüsecke. Over more than 6,500 km without a filmcrew and no script. "Desert Camera“ inspires with authentic adventure, unusual situatons, and unfiltered humor. With outstanding desert shots, moving interviews, and a behind-the-scenes view of the rally world, a great adventuremovie unfolds.

The Team

Bastian is an adventure traveller and photographer. In the last 26 years he has ridden his motorcycle over 190,000 km in 46 countries, capturing life’s moments on camera.

Besides Bastian, who leads the project as filmer and producer, there are seven other people on the team (film makers, translators, and graphic designers). All costs up to now have been covered by Bastian. We hope to cover these costs with the sales of the movie as well as earn a little money, something which isn’t a given. All those involved in this project are here with small budgets but a large passion.

Our mission

„I am happy to live these adventures, and I would like to spread the experiences to people who might not have the possibility to do the same. I invite you all to experience the world through our eyes.”

Please help us to recount these stories. We would like to encourage others through this film , as well as do our part in increasing trust and tolerance in this world.

Thank you for your support!